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In spite of the huge hassle that exists in the mobile phone usages, the fact that it has created history by eradicating the delay in communication, is praiseworthy!

There is no question regarding the ‘Mobile World’, which is existing currently. Yes, everybody owns a mobile phone, be it for any purpose! It has become a need, rather than a want. Of course in countries like India, which has already got huge market for telecommunication industry sector, the desire for mobile phones is growing crazy with every new launch of the mobile models. This is majorly because the country has got market for both local and international telecommunication players. Further, the government telecommunication players, such as BSNL, MTNL, and VSNL are seeing a steady demand in the market for their products. Hence, they are coming up with new plans, which is also making the mobile phone manufacturers in the country to launch new models to meet the growing demands of the people in the country.

Mobile Players

The mobile industry market in India is shared by both the local and international players. Hence, there are variety of choices and call plans, available to the users. The local players like, Airtel, Aircel, and Reliance Telecommunications, etc… are emerging with new ideas on mobile phones, every year. Recently, the subsidiary unit of Aircel has come up with the ‘Beetel’ mobile phones, launched with a huge network of consisting of 400 service units in the country. Thus the local players have portrayed that they are successful in launching 2G, 3G phones, smart phones and high end business models, like ‘Blackberry’, besides the mandatory successful basic models. Further, the international players like, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson, etc… are constantly rocking the mobile industry with their models.

The options are generally available, ranging from the lower end budget to the high end budget, thus enabling the capability of every person to own a mobile. These players have grown to a great degree that they have started segmenting the market depending on the targets, rather than penetrating. In general, the college students, probably teenagers, and business people would be primary targets for these players. Thus, these players would never forget to launch a model with maximum application and features possible, such as camera phones, internet access facilities, social networking features, extended memory capacity, and most importantly with maximum signal coverage and battery durability, which are considered as significant for any mobile phone usage.

Revenue and Growth

The rise in income level, the enhancement in the living status of people, and the steady economic status of the country have triggered the growth of telecommunication industry, especially the growth of mobile communication industry in the country. You can see, most of the businessmen in the country with the high end ‘Blackberry’ mobile phones, thus one thing must be clear, i.e. there is a huge increase in the mobile phone usage in the country and which could also be stated that most of the working class people are getting converted to business class people, or otherwise self-employed people.

This is a good, positive growth trend, not only to the country’s telecommunication industry, but also to the economic growth of the country. You would be surprised to know that the total number of telephones used in the country crossed to around 720 million in the year 2010. This has left the country with a great expectation that the telecommunication industry would grow to a size of about 78.3 billion in the year 2012 at a rate of 26%, thereby providing employment opportunities to more than 10 million people in the country.

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